Will Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Mold Damage?

February 6, 2017

On the US Eastern Seaboard, home and property owners, who
were victims of Sandy, are trying to return back and restore what is left of
their lives. Homeowners are reporting claims to their insurance companies, but some
are coming across damage that may not be covered by their insurer- mold damage.

Mold damage, which is the result of flooding, is a dangerous
health risk and removal is incredibly expensive to any homeowner. The San Francisco Chronicle has reported that mold damage to a home is not covered by
most insurance policies. The average home owner who falls victim to mold damage
may end up paying anywhere from $200 to $30,000 for mold removal.

After a natural disaster, enclosed areas, such as homes and offices
that became flooded, are at a risk of growing bacteria and mold. Even though Californians
do not experience hurricanes this side of the country, we still have to worry
about flooding due to heavy rain fall, roof leaks, or if a pipe burst in or
near your home. If you had water in your house for at least 48 hours, you can
expect to find mold growth.

A musty odor or water stains could tell you that your home
is infected with mold, according to a Long Beach mold removal company Indoor-Restore. Discoloration of the ceiling or walls and warping of the floor
are also some of the tell-tale signs as well. Some of the more common areas for
mold growth to occur include crawl spaces, basements, walls, ceilings, and under

Your homeowners insurance determines if mold damage is
covered based on what caused the mold and what policy coverage you have. Some
insurance companies take an extra step to limit their exposure to mold claims
with some policies going as far as to have mold exclusions. This means they
don’t cover any costs associated with mold damage or removal.

If your insurance does cover damage from mold, there is
usually a limit placed on mold-related expenses. To find out if mold is covered
by your insurer, it is best to read through your policy. For more information
on homeowners’ insurance and if mold damage is covered in your policy, please
contact the helpful agents at Alandale Insurance at 888-854-4501.

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