Two Sides of a Story: The Cost of Health Insurance

April 18, 2012
(Image: vichie81 /

(Image: vichie81 /

Fact: California has some of the highest health insurance rates in the country, and they’re still on the rise. It can be easy to cry foul at the insurance companies, presuming that they’re only trying to pad their profits, but there are two sides to every story. Let’s take a look at both sides, starting with the side most of us are more familiar with.

When the cost of healthcare goes up, it can put a lot of families between a rock and a hard place. Stretching an already tight budget in order to accommodate health insurance increases can make you wonder whether or not insurance is really worth it. Some families may even resort to letting their policies lapse because they simply can’t afford it anymore. But they also fervently hope that they and their loved ones are able to steer clear of illness and injury because they won’t be able to afford the medical care they need without insurance. They’re being forced to gamble with their health and well-being, and there’s a very real risk of losing that bet.

On the other hand, health insurance companies are not charities or non-profit organizations. They’re businesses. They provide a valuable service to the community, making healthcare affordable, but they ultimately need to turn a profit in order to stay in business. Health insurance fraud happens more often than most people care to admit, and every fraudulent claim that gets paid out shaves a little more out of an insurance company’s profits. Eventually, they’re forced to raise their rates in order to stay profitable, which places them in a Catch-22 because many people balk at paying higher rates, which in turn makes it even harder for them to stay profitable.

Fortunately, that’s where an insurance broker comes in handy. We’re familiar with the options available, so we can quickly help you to find a policy that offers you the right coverage for the right price. Contact us today.

Your life is your most valuable asset. Let us help you to protect it.

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