March 10, 2014


St. Patrick’s Day is only a week away! How well do you know your St. Patrick’s Day facts? Test your St. Patrick’s Day knowledge by taking this little trivia challenge! Have fun!

  1. What colors are in the Irish flag?
  2. a) Green, Yellow, and White b) Green and White      c) Green, Orange, and White d)Green and  Black
  3. What is the most popular meal served on St. Patrick’s Day?
  4. a) Chicken and dumplings b) Irish Stew     c) Corned beef and cabbage     d)Sausage and peppers
  5. What day is St. Patrick’s Day? (No peeking at your calendar!)
  6. a) April 19 b) March 19     c) May 15     d) March 17
  7. St. Patrick’s Day is otherwise referred to as:
  8. a) Irish Independence Day b) Green beer day     c) Shamrock Day     d) Paddy’s Day
  9. What was St. Patrick known for doing?
  10. a) Running snakes out of Ireland b) Magic tricks  c) Curing sick people   d)Throwing great parties
  11. What is supposedly at the end of the rainbow?
  12. a) A lake of green beer b) A pot of gold  c) A field of shamrocks  d) A bowl of Lucky Charms cereal
  13. What the heck is a shillelagh (sha-lay’-li)?
  14. a) A four-leaf clover b) Pot of Gold  c) A large stick  d) An Irish guitar
  15. According to legend, what happens if you kiss the Blarney Stone?
  16. a) Your shyness is cured b) You die  c)  You get deported from Ireland  d) Your hair turns green
  17. What does the expression Erin Go Braugh mean?
  18. a) Go Irish! b) Ireland forever  c) Luck O’ the Irish  d) Love to Ireland
  19. Where was St. Patrick born?
  20. a) Ireland b) Britain c) Spain d) Scotland
  21. Which musical instrument is the most treasured in Ireland?
  22. a) violin b) drum  c) bagpipes  d) harp
  23. What happens if you don’t wear green on St. Patrick’s Day?
  24. a) Bad luck b) You will get tripped  c) You will get pinched  d) You will get punched

I hope you had fun taking the test! Scroll down and check your answers below to see how well you did!


1) c    2) c    3) d    4) d    5) a    6) b    7) c    8) a    9) b    10) b    11) d    12) c

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