The Fine Print – Misleading Insurance Advertisements

August 10, 2018

slip-up-709045_640Insurance commercials are the second most aired commercials in the United States, only surpassed by car commercials (funny, isn’t it?). However, all those flashy ads and funny characters aren’t what they seem to be. Many companies only tell part of the truth in their commercials.

In a lot of cases, clients who are shopping their coverage will inquire about things that they’ve seen advertised. “What about that accident forgiveness coverage?”, “I heard I can get a discount for that”, “Isn’t that coverage included?”

What I explain to my clients is that most companies are using something called “nationwide advertising”.  What this allows them to do is show commercials in every state across the nation, regardless of the fact that the highlighted coverage or service isn’t available in every state. If you look closely, the fine print on the commercial will actually say “Not available in all states”.

If you’re not sure… do some research! If you can’t find out from a google search or the company website, call the company or the agent and ask about the specific coverage that you saw being advertised. This is the best way to find out if the coverage you’re interested in is available without being tricked by the advertising.

When it comes to your insurance coverage, you don’t ever want to assume. If you have questions about your coverages or something that you see advertised, give your agent a call and we can help you figure it out!


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