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SoCal cities urge residents to get flood coverage

Nov 19 2015

Knock Knock! It’s El Nino…. Many cities and community advocates are sending out letters letting their residents know about the serious risks…


Aug 05 2014

Have you ever been confused about the different types of water damage that can occur on your property? One of our Service…

Should The US Keep Federal Flood Insurance?

Dec 20 2012

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is under scrutiny by the media and political world after Superstorm Sandy flooded…

Homeowner Insurance Buying Guide

Oct 14 2012

Autumn is now finally upon us in Southern California.  Along with the changes in season, comes the change in weather. Summer brought…

Flood Risk Notices Sent to Thousands of Californians

Sep 01 2012

This past week, 275,000 California property owners have received notices from water officials warning them they may be at risk of flooding…

Loss and Grief Leading to Perspective and Aid for Japan

Mar 18 2011

On Wednesday night a group of us gathered on the beach in Belmont Shore for a candle lit vigil commemorating the recent…

Prepare for Your Family in the Case of Disaster

Feb 02 2011

Severe weather is one of the most common sources of natural disasters, and no region of the U.S. is off limits. The…

Will Your Insurance Cover That Water Spot on Your Ceiling?

Jan 24 2011

Most people who buy homeowner’s insurance tend to think about protecting themselves from financial loss should the house burn down. A much…

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