People aren’t happy with their homeowners insurance; bundlers are quite the opposite!

October 15, 2010

So everyone who owns a home is also the owner of a homeowner’s insurance policy, or they should be at any rate, but that doesn’t mean they are satisfied with their specific coverage or their insurance company in general. How do we know? JD Power and Associates surveyed almost 13,000 homeowners insurance customers between April and June of this year, that’s how!

JD Power and Associates is a marketing company HQed in our own Sunny Southern California that turns out all kind of research and reviews about pretty important matters. They do legit surveys on cars, different types of insurance, cell phones [all the things we don’t really want to spend much time researching on our own], but it’s almost a necessity to have this information available to us before we purchase anything!

In this day and age, online reviews are so readily obtainable, because folks thoroughly take pleasure in letting others know about their experiences with a certain restaurant or company. We love to share our knowledge and we should!

The homeowners’ insurance customer satisfaction study came out last week and the results were actually really interesting. Happiness with homeowners insurance has declined again to the lowest it has been in five years. Are they angry about the economy and the housing market? Surprisingly NO! Frustration is actually linked to lack of understanding the policies in question and their customer service experiences. That seems so weird to me because if I would in that position my first response would be to say goodbye to my current company and find someone better to work with.

That is the beauty in working with Alandale Insurance! We are not the insurance company; we are an agency that shops more than 17 companies for you! We are able to appraise your situation and work with you to find the best possible company and policy for your needs! In my opinion, lack of understanding should be the last reason why you are not pleased with your current coverage. We at Alandale would be more than elated to explain different types of policies and benefits associated with them. You need to know what you paying for and make sure your house is protected! Alandale’s first priority is making sure the client is content with their coverage. I have spent too much time on the phone with insurance carriers and the amount of time it takes to fix a problem or answer a question is a chief concern! We understand that when issues arise, it is necessary that it is taken care of soon. Alandale is continuously praised by customers for doing everything in our power to get all of these issues sorted out in a more than timely manner!

Did you know that bundlers, clients who package together an auto policy and a home policy with the same company, are more delighted with their coverage? Companies offer discounts on both the home and the auto to customers who package them together! You can get up to a 30% discount! That’s huge! The survey discovered that no matter the age, customers who package their auto/home policies are much happier with their coverage and are 20% more likely to stay on with their insurance company! This could be you. Get a quote today!

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