November 22, 2013


Break-ins can happen to anyone at any time. Do what you can to prevent a burglary BEFORE it happens! Here are some tips on how to discourage a thief from targeting YOUR house.

INSTALL AN ALARM SYSTEM: Do your research to get the best type of alarm and plan for your home and family. They have systems with motion detectors, entry alarms, cameras, loud sirens, panic buttons, etc. There are so many options that can be tailored to your particular needs. Most of them are wireless now, and you can even find systems that you can install yourself without having to bust out your walls. (Some insurance companies even offer discounts on your homeowner’s policy if you have an alarm system installed. Call your agent to see if you would qualify!)

ARM THE ALARM SYSTEM ONCE YOU GET IT: Sometimes, if people just leave to run a quick errand, they don’t bother arming their alarm system. It only takes minutes for a burglary to occur. If someone sees you leave, that’s the perfect opportunity for them to break in. If they happen to be able to see in a window that your system isn’t armed, then that’s even worse. Arm it!

PUT UP SIGNS: “BEWARE OF DOG” signs go a long way in discouraging criminals. Do you think a thief wants to deal with a dog? Hmmm…probably not. Even if you don’t have a dog, the sign might be enough to make them think twice. Alarm system signs would probably also work as a deterrent.

DO NOT POST ANYTHING ON ANY SOCIAL MEDIA SITES WHEN YOU LEAVE ON VACATION: That is basically like telling people “Hey! We’re going to be in Hawaii from June 7 to June 14! Feel free to come steal all of our stuff while we are half-way across the Pacific Ocean. Aloha!” Facebook isn’t as private as it once was. Your sister’s neighbor’s best friend’s cousin’s loser boyfriend could be just looking for an opportunity to rummage through your belongings and steal your Great-Grandmother’s antique diamond ring and take it to the pawn shop to get money for crack. Don’t take any chances.

HIDE YOUR VALUABLE STUFF: Don’t hide your valuable jewelry in obvious places. Yours is in the dresser drawer, right? Get it out of there and hide it somewhere nobody would think to look, like a random box hidden in a random place in your house – Stashed in a cookie tin under the bathroom sink, tucked away in an empty baking soda box in the fridge. Just make sure your family knows where you are putting it, so it doesn’t get thrown out on accident. If you will be leaving for an extended trip, you could always rent a safe deposit box from your bank if it would make you feel better.

If you do end up installing an alarm system or already have one, make sure you check with your customer service agent at Alandale Insurance to see if your insurance carrier offers an alarm system discount. If you’re not insured with Alandale yet, but would like a free, no obligation quote, give us a call at 562-493-3521!

Don’t let a thief get the better of you! Take the steps today to possibly prevent break-ins in the future. Protect your family, protect your home, and protect your valuables. Stay safe!


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