Fire Safety Tips for Homeowners

May 11, 2012

Los Angeles home insurance could be considered essential for every person who owns a home in LA. One reason for this is the amount of damage that could be caused by a house fire. The right coverage could help reduce the amount of repair and replacement bills that have to come out of your pocket by providing you with some financial compensation. Could you be responsible for a starting house fire? You may be surprised about the many actions you preform every day that could lead to a blaze breaking out inside your home.
The following basic fire safety tips are useful to keep in mind, but always check with your local fire department for their recommended safety tips.

• Never pull on an electrical cord from a distance; instead, grab the plug when removing it from the wall outlet.
• Never go out, even briefly, and leave something cooking on the stovetop, even if it’s on a low heat.
• Keep flammable substances and fabric away from sources of heat.
• Extinguish candles and other open flames before leaving a room or going to bed.
• Extension cords may be utilized to plug in items located away from wall outlets, but it is vital not to overload them.

Did you know that installing smoke alarms and/or a fire sprinkler system in your home might home might reduce the risk of fire and result in cheaper insurance?  Your Los Angeles home insurance agent can tell you more about what types of changes your insurer may view favorably.


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