October 30, 2014


Whether you own your home or rent a home, apartment, or even a room is irrelevant when it comes to protecting your personal property

Did you know that if you are renting from someone, that their policy does NOT cover YOUR property?

Did you also know that renter’s coverage is extremely affordable?

Our very own Yolie Garcia has a few words to say about her personal experience with renter’s insurance. Thank you, Yolie!

When an insured is calling on their auto policy, one of the questions we ask is “Do you need a home policy?” Not only would it offer a discount, but would offer protection as well.

Many people respond with, “No, I don’t own a home…I rent an apartment, house, even a room. People often feel that they don’t have very much to insure and therefore the quote for a renter’s policy is often declined.

I feel very close to the subject of renter’s insurance. I have never owned a home, and have rented throughout my adult life. At one time, I did not know that if something were to happen to the home I was renting that my personal belongings would not be covered. I used to assume that the owner carried insurance for me with the home. Thank goodness that nothing ever happened!

Working in the insurance industry, we receive calls for all sorts of claims. One claim resonated with me, and I have never forgotten it.

An insured was at work and the house he was renting burned to the ground. He was from out of state, and had no family here in California. When he had called on his auto policy and we offered a renter’s insurance quote, it was declined. We explained coverage, as “If you had renters insurance, and if something were to happen to the place you’re renting, your personal property would be covered, you would be given money to eat, get clothing, and more importantly, you would be able to find a new place to live.” He still declined as he felt he really didn’t need it. When he called us to tell us about what happened, he said that he regretted his decision of not buying renter’s insurance because of this horrible situation.

Most of us assume as I did… “This won’t happen to me. What are the chances?” Now I know the importance of having myself covered. Because of this claim, I realized that I needed to take action immediately! I asked one of our agents to write a renter’s policy, along with an earthquake policy (as renter’s insurance does not cover earthquake damage).

Today the insured I mentioned (and myself) now carry auto, renter’s, and earthquake coverage. We are both glad to know that if something were to happen to the places we rent, that we would have the protection that is needed.

A basic renter’s policy will cover:*

  • Fire and smoke damage to personal property
  • Theft of personal property
  • Vandalism of personal property
  • Storm and hail damage to personal property
  • Water damage of personal property due to faulty appliances and other (covered) causes of damage caused by water. (Flood is typically covered on a separate policy, but ask your agent about that to clarify.)
  • Liability injury sustained by a non-resident
  • Loss of Use coverage (If you are temporarily unable to live in your rental property)
  • Meals

*Different companies can vary a little. Your agent can clarify details once you speak with them. The agent can help you evaluate your needs so you can decide which company to go with.”

We hope this helps you understand renter’s coverage better. Please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-917-3577 if you have ANY questions.

We would love to get this very important coverage started for you! (Aside from it being an important coverage to carry, it’s also probably a LOT less expensive than you think! Give us a call to find out!)

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